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Spraying and Seeding


Over the past 15 years Provincial Helicopters have branched into the world of spraying equipped with a fully self contained spray camp we can suit all of your spraying needs. We also have an Alberta Forestry seeder with internal hopper for all of your seeding requirements

Firefighting and Forestry


Provincial helicopters have been involved in all aspects of the forestry industry including: general tree survey,  crew safety training and tree plants, in regards to fire suppression provincial have been exploring all avenues from major forest fire control, hot spot clean up, FLIR hot spot survey, drip torching and standing building fires.

Hydro and Utility


Provincial Helicopters have been working in the hydro and utility industry consistently over the last 30 years in all avenues from general airborne line patrol to setting of poles and stringing wires. We are committed to safety.

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Mining and Exploration



Provincial Helicopters have been heavily involved in the mining industry doing surveys, bird towing, drill moves and camp support all over central Canada and the Arctic with while not only maintaining the high standards expected in the industry but also working to newer and more environmental ways to maintain industry needs.  

Helicopter Safety Training


Provincial Helicopters have been involved with running helicopter safety and hover exit training days for many different organizations including RCMP dog teams, ministry of environment Saskatchewan/Manitoba, Meadow Lake search and rescue and various forestry companies across central Canada, so if your company or group is interested in enhancing your helicopter safety and knowledge talk to us and we can arrange a package to suit your needs. 

Specialty Flying


With 30 years experience Provincial Helicopters have been involved in all forms of specialty flying for example:


  • Bird towing-seismic survey

  • Weddings

  • Photography/film work

  • Construction

  • Pole setting 

  • Remote aircraft recovery

  • HETS work- class D (human externaltransportation system)

  • Search and Rescue

  • Live animal capture

  • Animal survey

  • Medical transportation and emergency

  • Romance/scenic flights 

  • Arctic Flying

  • FLIR

  • Hot Shots

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